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Adneyhaus Private Kennels: A Premiere Pet Sanctuary

“A Kinder, Quieter Pet Boarding Experience”

Finally, you have a choice in pet boarding! We designed our kennels with your pet in mind.

Here, you will NEVER find dangerous noise levels or overly stressed animals. The Birmingham/Hoover metro area’s peaceful alternative to traditional pet boarding is Adneyhaus Private Kennels.
We are a family-owned, tranquil kennel farm. Our staff has over 45 years of experience in holistic animal care and training. Donna Adney — the kennel owner, advisor, caregiver, trainer, and pet nurse — is committed to gentle, family-style care.
For additional peace of mind, we partner with several local veterinarians so that you know your pet is in good hands in case of an emergency.

Adneyhaus is completely different from clinic pet boarding.
• Have you ever felt like part of an assembly line when you visited your doctor? How about when you take your pet to the vet? Scheduling and the nature of the medical profession require that doctors keep patients on a prescribed time line.
On the contrary, you’ll NEVER feel rushed at Adneyhaus. We take the time to understand everything about your pet.

• Did you know that some pet boarding facilities have a pet-to-caregiver ratio of 200 pets for every 6 caregivers? And this ratio doesn’t even count cats!
Bigger is not better when it comes to pet boarding. We accept only 20 guests at a time, and we do not hire minimum wage, part-time employees who may or may not have animal care as a first love.

• Are you comfortable with your pet being alone at night or during dangerous storms? If storms worry you and your pet, then Adneyhaus is a better choice than traditional pet boarding facilities. We live here.

• Because your pet deserves a positive experience, give us a call (link to contact page) today. We’d love to give you and your pet a tour of our facilities.

Animals trust Donna Adney.
• Donna’s calm demeanor allows her to quickly develop a “trust bond” with your pet.
• Donna managed a large veterinary clinic for five years. As a trusted employee, Donna was tasked with personally caring for and even home-boarding frantic, frightened, or anxious pets.
• Donna trained dogs with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department using Schutzhund training. In other words, she helped the department train obedient dogs to work as protection animals.
• Using her medical training, Donna observes each guest and reports any medical issues to the owner so that owners can follow-up with a veterinary visit.
• Donna has training in Eastern, holistic, and traditional Western medicine. In addition, she offers clients massage therapy, aroma therapy, and nutrition counseling.
• Donna bred champion German shepherds and was internationally known for the quality of her dogs. In fact, Donna bred CH Adneyhaus Black MT. Dakota, Alabama’s first best-in-show German shepherd.
• Donna has insight into what an animal needs to relax while boarding. She wins a pet’s confidence and trust. While traveling or on vacation, pet parents know that “peace of mind” is priceless!

Donna Adney is an animal advocate.
• Donna volunteered with the Humane Society of America as an emergency infant care volunteer.
• Donna works with a variety of canine rescue organizations in emergency infant care, infant socialization, rehabilitation for traumatized and abused dogs, and special-needs care.
• Adneyhaus’ rescue history includes dogs, cats, and horses. We care for all phases of life, offering sustaining care and nutrition to expectant mothers, birthing care, and care to weak or orphaned animals.
• Donna rehabilitates and retrains animals with negative human experiences in preparation for new homes and a better life.
• Donna has worked with the Girl Scouts of America in their “Safety with Dogs” lesson.
• Donna has been a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America for more than 10 years and has signed the “Breeders’ Code of Ethics.”

Donna Adney is an accomplished breeder of German shepherd dog champions.

At Adneyhaus, we have bred and trained championship dogs and register-of-merit German shepherds.

  •  CH. Adneyhaus Black Mt. Dakota ofa
    • Register of Merit Award
    • Best in Show
    • Alabama’s first home-bred German shepherd champion to be invited to the Westminster Dog Show
  • CH. Boston’s Legend of Adneyhaus ofa
    • Temperament Certified, Group III winner
    • Best Puppy
  • CH. Fortune Master of Adneyhaus ofa
    • Register of Merit points, Group I winner
  • CH. Falcon Master of Adneyhaus ofa
    • Group I winner
  • CH. (ptd) Boston’s Bronco of Adneyhaus(lost in puppyhood)
  • CH. (ptd) Adneyhaus Delta Force
    • Von Nassau’s Ginina ofa
    • Register of Merit Award
  • CH. (ptd) Adneyhaus Sinful Obsession(injury lacking one point to championship)
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